If the name William Petite sounds familiar or his face was familiar to long time Sacramentans its because he's been on Public Cable TV for many years with such programs as "Buried Treasures", "Those Were The Days", and "We Seniors Present". He has given thousands of talks for civic groups and his articles have appeared in the Sacramento Bee. Mr. Petite has served twice on the County Grand Jury as a Judicial nominee. He has worked with Joe DiMaggio, Lou Rawls, Nick Lucas, Jackie Coogan, Tony Martin, Frank Sinatra, Jr., Ray Anthony, Max Baer Jr., and 14 World Boxing Champions, including Dempsey, Sharkey and Braddock.
Bill told us about the time that his boss, Ancil Hoffman, then Sacramento County Supervisor, asked Bill to pick up Joe DiMaggio from the airport, "But make sure you don't talk to him; he's a quiet guy." Well, wouldn't you know Joe asked what Bill thought bout the Kennedys, since they had been in the newspapers a lot recently. (This was some time after Marilyn Monroe's death.) Bill knew this was a touchy matter since Joe had paid for Marilyn's crypt and had roses put there every week since her death, so Bill said, "Six of one, half a dozen of the other." And Bill thought that was it, but later he learned that a short time later that Joe sold the plot next to Marilyn's crypt and stopped sending roses. Joe is buried next to his mother.
Newton Earp, the oldest of the 10 Earp children and Wyatt, the youngest was a Civil War veteran and deputy marshall that didn't think much of the younger Wyatt Earp. He called him a "storybook marshall." Newton was constantly critical of Wyatt, so much so that Wyatt had to wait to publish his book until Newton died. It turned out to be a great success.
Next week we are meeting at the Florin Road Partnership conference room at 7300 Lincolnshire Dr. Ste 100, Sacramento, to hear about all of the freat things that they are doing for the Florin Road area businesses. This is North of Florin Road and East of Franklin Blvd. From Franklin Blvd you go east on Williamsbourgh Drive to Lincolnshire Drive. Lunch will be provided.