Issue No. 6 - August 13     Barry K. Hogan, Newsletter Editor

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is always one of the most gratifying programs in which our Club participates.  Each year Barbara and Jim Tracy, for many of the last few years, have taken their time to participate in the Club’s RYLA program with the selected Luther Burbank High School students.  Three students have come to the club, Eva Newman-Coley, at a previous meeting, and two students just this last week, Andrea Diaz and Lilly Vang.  We never tire of hearing the clarion call from the students, “RYLA is a life-changing event. “  They find deep and lifelong friendships in the other participants and learn leadership skills that will help them become better students and better people as they mature.  This year Barbara used an interview style with the two students giving each a chance to express their experience from RYLA.

The Prez Says. . .

Well, at this time next week Denise and I would have been cruising the Atlantic on our way to Europe for long awaited vacation.  The news from the cardiologist was generally good.  He said we could go on the vacation, but as Denise kept adding things, such as our week in Rhode Island and then our son’s wedding and then a visit to San Diego, I could see that the trip was going to be cancelled.  Both Denise and I felt that it would be best to take care of this “heart thing” so we can travel without worry.  Once they go in and see what’s really going on with my valve and the extent of the repair necessary, surgery will be scheduled.  As soon as I know, I will share it with the Club.  Sooooo, the Parade of Presidents will be delayed.  I will be running the meeting of August 20, but will not be available for the August 27 meeting due to a hospital procedure where they take a look at the extent of repair that needs to be done.  It could take a day or two starting on early on Wednesday, August 26.   Therefore, Dave, you get a reprieve, but Anne, I would ask you to please substitute for me on August 27.
Now, on to Club business!  The membership plan that was presented to each of you at the last meeting as been amended based upon what was learned at the New Focus seminar on Saturday.  I would ask each of you to review the membership plan that has been posted on the website at and make your comments known to me, Michael or JR. 
Our August 20th meeting is at Iron Grill.  Our keynote speaker will be Julie Gallaher from Get on the Map talking about LinkedIn.   See you there.